It is not uncommon for you to stop on the roadside attempting to change a tire and to contribute to your problems you are faced with a too tight lug nut and you cannot find out what to do.


In the first place there is no sense in cursing your car. The error is with the individual who tightened up the wheel nuts of your car who has tightened them excessive.

The possibility is there for him to have used an air tool for the job, as an outcome the lug nut have got too tightened up. Keep in mind that it is a true blessing in camouflage as your wheel did not come off while you are on the high way. Can impact drill removes lug nuts?

remove lug nuts

The second thing to do is to take your lug wrench and fit it on to the lug nut with the free end to your left parallel to the ground. If you need to loosen you need to turn to left and if you need to tighten up, to the. Remember this basic guideline.

Now base on the lug wrench hanging on to the car for support and attempt to loosen up the nut. You can attempt bouncing a number of times if it does not pave the way.

Still if you are not effective spray some WD 40 on the base of the lug nut and attempt once again there is a likelihood for you to prosper. If the nut paves the way do not take it out up until all the nuts are loosened up. See the impact driver for lug nuts removal.

Now there are lug wrenches fix for loosening up lug nuts that are hard to remove. If you feel that you are most likely to face such circumstances and you find yourself not so strong to tide off such a scenario much better spend for among those. They are specifically developed for the function.

How do you tighten your lug nuts? Would you tighten up one, then the one beside it, walking around in a circle? It looks like an excellent concept, however there is a huge issue with that approach.

The issue with walking around in a circle, tightening up each lug nut that is straight to the left or right, is that your wheel isn’t going to install properly, and after that your wheel will have a wobble. Find out the drill to remove lug nuts.

The option to this tighten up the first one, and then tighten up the one that is opposite to the first one. Basically you draw a straight line from the first lug, through the center of the wheel, and you tighten up down the lug that rests on that same line, on the opposite side of the wheel.