Drills are most frequently used for construction and die projects. Drills can be used in wood and even metal. There are even specialized drills developed for the medical market and a range of other uses.

A drill is possibly among the most typical family tools, and very simple to use. Their benefit cannot be argued, and a tool kit is not total without a drill! So are air drills faster than electric drills?

A pneumatic drill, also called an air drill, is a great option for those who find themselves investing more time in the workshop than ever. It is the option of specialists who do consistent drilling work because of their effectiveness and known lower expense to run and preserve.

Because an air drill is run just by compressed air, it has a number of benefits over an electrically-powered one. So which one is faster air drills or electric drills.

Less weight

An air drill is lighter because it has less parts. The bulk of an electrical drill’s weight originates from the DC motor which is heavy because it needs to produce high speeds and torque. Remove that in an air drill and all you have left is the housing, head, and the air tubes.

Increased efficiency

Dealing with a lighter drill will result in less tiredness. Because of such, long and continuous drilling can be attained and you can have more work performed in a much shorter period of time.

Less cost to run

A pneumatic drill clearly does not use electricity. Technically, electricity (or gas) is still needed to run the compressor that runs the tool, it costs less because a compressor just uses bursts of energy-to fill the tank.

Less cost to preserve

Because it has less parts, there are lower possibilities for things to break. An electrical drill uses an electrical motor which will at one point undoubtedly require maintenance or rewinding. For an air drill, the only maintenance expense you require is regular oiling.

More ergonomic styles

Returning to its lighter weight and less moving parts, producers now have more ways of designing a drill. They can make it slimmer and much easier to manage, and they can make it smaller sized and use non-traditional however comfier shapes-all of which contributes to ease-of use.